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SVPCO Image Payments Network

The SVPCO Image Payments Network gets your check images anywhere they need to go with speed, security and certainty. Serving institutions of all sizes, we offer several easy-to-use, economical options to move your images.

The SVPCO Image Payments Network is unique

SVPCO is different from other image exchange providers because of the way we move images. It is the fastest, most economical way to move images from institution-to-institution for our largest, highest-volume banks because we route the images directly, with no middleman. Importantly, the critical mass of these banks’ volumes allows most any size financial institution to save as well. Image Payments Network allows participants to use a single connection to directly exchange with the largest financial institutions in the country – making it the fastest and cheapest way to get to these large exchange partners.

Of course, participants get access to everyone else too. If the institution you are sending images to or receiving from is not a member of our network, then your images will travel through our links with the Fed, correspondent banks and third-party processors. Our SVPCO Image Payments Network can reach over 10,000 endpoints so we are connected to the vast majority of institutions.

Starting up is easy and inexpensive

Whether your financial institution is ramping up or refining its image program, the SVPCO Image Payments Network can get your images where they need to go. Getting started with our network is easy. You’ll have your own experienced Relationship Manager to guide you through each step so you’ll be up and running quickly; and they’ll be with you as your volume and needs change. And, there are few, if any, start-up costs when you choose our Gateway Distributed Traffic Agent (DTA) option. SVPCO was instrumental in creating this industry and we are experts at helping you get the most out of your image exchange program. We are an industry utility serving all-sized financial institutions.

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